About the Opening Oceans Conference

This is a groundbreaking event defining new commercial opportunities for the global maritime value chain within the emerging ocean industries.

While economic value creation at sea is expected to double in the coming years, many maritime businesses face the stark choice of diversify or die. New industries are emerging in this ocean space, to ensure food, mineral and energy security for a growing population with growing needs. For these emerging industries, scaling of their activities require maritime skill sets in order to deliver sustainable value whilst ensuring sustainable oceans.

New industries developing
With new industries developing, new maritime service needs are also emerging. New transport systems and trade patterns, new ocean logistics systems and new ship types will all be needed to support this growth.

Never before has the opportunity to get new insight reliably, fast and cheap, from ocean data been so prevalent; digital technologies combined with e.g. sensors and satellite systems are able to take the ocean industry to whole new levels of synergetic collaboration and value creation.

Business transition
Across the Nordic region and beyond, the business transition from traditional maritime towards a more diverse ocean space can be seen, within e.g. banking, construction and equipment manufacturing. At the same time, the scaling and commercialization of emerging industries such as deep-sea mining, offshore wind & wave, marine aquaculture etc., is slow. A bridge between an established maritime industry and emerging ocean industries could create new growth for all actors along the maritime value chain, while at the same time creating synergies for sustainable development of our oceans.

With this diversification towards the ocean industries, maritime actors are creating not only new customers but the opportunity to future proof organisations against inevitable volatility and disruption of traditional maritime business models.

Exploring new maritime business opportunities
Opening Oceans creates a road map for maritime business leaders to explore the new ocean economy options, discover the synergies with their existing businesses, meet investment and gateway partners and make profitable strategic decisions.

It is a crucial event for all business leaders to understand the potential of the markets, the innovation required and the strategic alliances and investment that exist with a focus on the exciting Nordic sector and opportunities.

The Opening Oceans Conference is facilitated by Nor-Shipping.

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