The  Exploration Islands will showcase case studies, technologies and research.

Exploration Island 1: Sustainable resource management Island (Mariculture, Energy and Mining)


Wednesday 2 May

12.30 Energy
Statoil, Kongsberg and McKinsey’s drive for solutions through Techstars
Audun Abelsnes, Managing director, Techstars Energy
Techstars have arrived in the Nordics in partnership with Statoil launching a new Energy accelerator focused on developing potentially transformative technologies and business models across the energy sector to improve safety, security, capital efficiency, operational performance and sustainability. Alongside additional partners, KONGSBERG and McKinsey & Company, they are  enabling energy platforms for the future. How do they do this and what are the impact this could have on future energy?

14.00 Mariculture
Collaboration to build a sustainable ocean biomass venture
Olavur Gregersen, Managing Director, Ocean Rainforest
Ocean Rainforest, based in the Faroe Islands is demonstrating the ability to sustainably harvest marine biomass (seaweed) for food, feed, cosmetics, pharmaceutic and energy needed. In the ten years since starting operations with its first open ocean rig, Ocean Rainforest has expanded its ability to harvest, process, store and transport the product for a range of business to business customers. This Exploration Island talk examines the growth path of a unique mariculture venture and the touch points where other industries influence its growth plans.

14.30 Mariculture
Developing successful supplies of delicacies to support sustainable action
Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda, Founder, Urchinomics
Did you know that sea urchins are edible? Considered a delicacy in some countries this creature has an opportunity to help restore kelp forests with a sustainable farming approach being pioneered by Brian Takeda at Urchinomics, In this Exploration Island Takeda outlines how a simple idea based around a national delicacy can evolve into a sustainable farming endeavour with a growing supply chain.

15.00 Mariculture
Bridging the gap between commerce and conservation
Camiel Derichs, Regional Director Europe for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).
For over 20 years the Marine Stewardship Council has been straddling that fence that once separated Commerce from Conservation. Built on the foundation that the ocean’s fish stocks should be harvested but done so in a sustainable way MSC has grown in stature as high street brands sign up to its charter. So how does a new business models bringing sustainability and commercial interests forge a bright path. In this exploration Island Camiel Derichs explains how businesses can create sustainable success for both themselves and the oceans

Thursday 3 May

Outlining plants for the UN’s new Global Ocean Institute
Ronan Long, Director, Ocean Policy Institute, World Maritime University
A week after the Opening Oceans conference the World Maritime University will officially open its new Global Ocean Institute. Thanks to funding from the Nippon Foundation and others, the Institute aims to be a seedbed for ocean research and education.  The Global Ocean Institute represents a solid step by various UN bodies, including the IMO, to link the incumbent maritime industries with the expanding ocean economy through policy and governance insight.  In this Exploration Island, Global Ocean Institute head Ronan Long examines the need for collaboration in policy and governance across the ocean space, and the role the Institute will play in the UN system 

11.30 Energy and Minerals

Investing in new energy: The role of InnoEnergy
Javier Sanz, Renewable Energy Thematic leader, InnoEnergy
Developing a sustainable energy future is one of the biggest challenges facing Europe todayInnoEnergy working with entrepreneurs, innovators, industry and universities  to find solutions to supply all our citizens without compromising safety and security of the infrastructure. Javier Sanz who is leading the renewable energy drive at InnoEnergy looks at how in practice this can be achieved.  


Bringing the next generation to the table
Daniela Fernandez, Founder & CEO, Sustainable Ocean Alliance
The Sustainable Ocean Alliance is a youth-led organization that empowers the next generation to become leaders in preserving the health and sustainability of our oceans. Its aim is to inspire the next generation to create measurable impact by incentivising social and environmental investments and fostering cross-sector partnerships. In this dynamic exploration island session Daniela

Fernandez outlines the ways that the incumbent and new players in the ocean economies can support the next generation of solution finders and how they can support the sustainable ocean economies.

13.00 Energy and Minerals
Setting the groundwork for sustainable mining
Henk Van Muijen, MD, IHC Mining
Using its extensive mining and ocean expertise, IHC Mining is working towards reaching deep-sea mineral deposits. This is being achieved with the support of a dedicated research and development programme, as well as through its position as a leader of the EU Blue Mining project. In this Exploration Island, it is explained how deep sea mining can be achieved in a responsible, science-based approach.

Common goals and different paths
Torsten Thiele, Founder, Global Ocean Trust
The Global Ocean Trust was formed to look at the problem of conserving the vital life source our ocean provides differently. The Trust works on concepts such as global and regional ocean finance mechanisms and public private partnerships in ocean sustainability, infrastructure and technology. Torsten Thiele will explain how this pragmatic approach delivers new ideas and implements best practice solutions to ocean challenges.

Exploration Island 2: Connected Ocean Intelligence (Logistics and data)

Wednesday 2 May

12.00 Logistics
Case studies of Shipping and the ocean space
Paul Holthus, CEO, World Ocean Council
Paul Holthus founded the World Ocean Council to bring together a global multi-sectoral ocean business community in a leadership alliance focused on “Corporate Ocean Responsibility”. The WOC has gained support and involvement from companies in the shipping industry and other sectors working together on leadership and collaboration in ocean sustainable development, science and stewardship. Holthus will talk about the WOC role and experience and what the growth in ocean economic activity means for shipping and the ocean industry committed to ocean sustainable development.

12.30 Logistics
Underwater noise and the development of ocean industry
Per Trojgaard Andersen, Lloyds Register, Engineering Dynamics Consultant and Technical Lead.

Underwater noise has become a critical issue in the maritime and oil and gas industries. Cetaceans and other marine life are known to be adversely impacted by ships engines, seismic activity and naval exercises. Lloyd’s Register’s Per Trøjgaard highlights what is being done by LR and other bodies to deal with the problem

14.00 Data
Experiences of Ocean Blue Tech Venture Capital
Steven Adler, Chairman, Ocean Data Alliance
Steven Adler worked at IBM and has been instrumental in focusing high tech on ocean data. His experiences have led him to push for change and collaboration in the accrual of open access ocean data. He is going to explore how ocean industries collaboration can be funded and what benefits can be achieved by creating vital data links.

14.30 Logistics
Benefits of data use and standards in port connectivity
Mikael Lind, Port CDM Council, Rise Viktoria
With increased focus on ocean efficiency and sustainability, the push for port to port communication has grown in importance. Whether a port is operational in more traditional maritime logistics chains (container, drybulk and oil) or offering ocean services for ocean energy and other areas, the demands for a set of standards to improve efficiency are growing. The Port CDM project has case study results that show how ports remain an integral part of ocean efficiency

15.00 Logistics
The solutions for sustainable and clean logistics chains
Hege Økland, CEO, NCE Maritime Cleantech
The growth of the ocean space to meet growing national and international sustainable and environmental goals requires a strong focus on available technologies. The Nordic region has evolved into a powerhouse of new ideas and this is borne out by maritime Cleantech cluster under the Norwegian Centre of Expertise. Hege Økland, explains how maritime cleantech and ocean cleantech can work together in driving economy through environmental and sustainable technologies

Thursday 3 May

11.00 Data and Logistics
Data and shipping; the success story of STM
Emelie Persson Tingström, Communication officer, STM Validation Project, Swedish Maritime Administration
About 20 years ago the Swedish Maritime Administration and industry partners revolutionised shipping with AIS. The innovation process has been continuously ongoing and as the third project the STM Validation Project is now validating what will be the next leap for shipping – Sea Traffic Management. With efficient information exchange in real time we create a safer more efficient and environmentally friendly maritime sector with over 70 partners and 43 M Euro of funding. Come hear about the success story of STM

11.30 Logistics
Creating cross industry innovation
Chris Clott, Head Suny Maritime’s Global Maritime Technology Innovation Centre
The drive in the shipping, logistics, ports and other related industries is opening up industries to new ideas, as well as sharing them. Suny Maritime college in New York has pioneered a new maritime technology innovation centre that can bring together bright ideas with industry players willing to collaborate and innovate. In this session Chris Clott will outline the SUNY approach and what the innovation centre has achieved, as well as giving ideas on how companies can cross fertilise each other with innovation and ideas.

14.30 Logistics
Electrification of the oceans
Jan-Olaf Willums, Founder ZEM/Inspire Invest
With experience in creating investment strategies in other industries, Jan-Olaf has been active in the electrification of the seas through ZEM (Zero Emission Mobility) for a number of years. In this Exploration Island session Willum highlights the investment strategies that word and do not work as well as looking at the use of energy storage/batteries in the growing ocean space.

15.00 Logistics
Why batteries make sense
Sondre Henningsgård, Managing Director, Maritime Battery Forum
The drive towards a greener and more efficient shipping future means alternative technologies and fuels must be considered. Batteries is one of the exciting technologies that are seeing a widespread adoption. Why batteries? And what does the uptake look like? Join Maritime Battery Forum managing director Sondre Henningsgård for a briefing and some facts in the uptake of batteries in maritime.


The draft agendas for the Exploration Islands are under continual development. All timing are subject to change, speakers may be added and amended at short notice.

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