Øyvind Michael Olsen

Senior communications adviser/partner, Doxacom
: Think Tank 3: Ocean Mariculture and Logistics

Øyvind Michael Olsen has worked since 1995 with the ocean-based industries and has been concerned throughout his career to position his clients as clear, relevant and different. In recent years, he has worked a great deal with clients who develop and offer technology and processes for sustainable harvesting of the sea.

Olsen has extensive experience as a communications adviser, specialising in strategy and business development as well as reputation- and brand-building. He is one of the owners of the Norwegian Doxacom agency, which he established in 2011.

Doxacom is a consultancy which works exclusively for enterprises in the ocean industries, and which has built up a very strong position in the maritime, wild fish and aquaculture segments.

Before founding Doxacom, Olsen was senior vice president communications at the listed ODIM group (2006-10) and public relations manager for the Ulstein group (1995-2006).

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