Jenny N. Braat

Jenny N. Braat, Managing Director, Danish Maritime

1990 Master degree in Business Management from Copenhagen Business School

from 1988 While still studying, a position was offered at Danish Maritime, leading to permanent employment upon graduation.
The early focus was within market research and statistics, developing into fields such as state aid.
Also started building up a network of political contacts and other people of significance for the industry to readily raise political issues.

from 1995 Manager of the Danish Maritime Brussels Office (lived there 1995-1999)
This office serves to maintain the interests of Danish Maritime in relation to the European Parliament, the European Commission and a wide variety of international associations, organizations and institutions.

2000-2011 Chief Economist
Most importantly headed up several working groups within the circle of members of Danish Maritime. These working groups covered the fields of after-sales service, market research and development, training and human resources, health and safety, trade negotiations and retrofitting. several of these still exist and more have been added.
A prime focus within these groups was and still is to safeguard the political interests of the Danish maritime industry.

2007 Deputy Director

2008 Chairman of the SEA Europe Working Group on Market & Forecast
In this capacity is part of the annual International Shipbuilding Forecasting Experts’ Meeting (ISFEM) and also a frequent expert used by the OECD.

from 2011 Managing Director
Immediately upon taking the helm of Danish Maritime, it became a set goal to unite the Danish maritime industry further by stepping up the effort, started ten years earlier, to develop the organization from primarily focusing on shipyards to encompass the entire land-based maritime industry, especially raising its profile politically. This on-going process has resulted in a significant increase in members of Danish Maritime and a much clearer valuation among Danish decision-makers as to the value of the Danish maritime industry for Denmark.

Board member at:
Danish Ship Finance 2012-2016
The Danish Maritime Fund – also vice chairman
Danish Maritime Days – also vice chairman
SEA Europe

Other notable positions:
SEA Europe Working Group on Market and Forecast – chairman
Fyns Maritime Klynge (The Maritime Cluster of Funen) – advisory board member
Aalborg Tech College – advisory board member on composites
Copenhagen Business School – Shipping (MBA) – advisory board
University of Southern Denmark – advisory board on maritime education

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