Camiel Derichs

Camiel Derichs is the Regional Director in Europe for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

He’s been leading the development of the MSC program across Europe since May 2013. Before being appointed to this role, since 2005 Camiel served in a variety of other roles in the MSC. Setting up several regional offices in Netherlands, Sweden and working both with the technical development of the fisheries standards, as well as with actors in the supply chain on topics such as CSR and sustainable seafood procurement policies, as well as sustainable seafood marketing.

Before joining MSC, Camiel was working in the Multi-National Financial conglomerate, ING-Group as a product manager. He holds a BSc and MSc from Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands) in Business Administration, and a MSc from Tromso University (Norway) in International Fisheries Management.

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