About the Programme

The Opening Oceans, 2 – 3 May, multi-strand programme will take place in a dynamic theatre for collaboration that will be created especially for the event alongside the Danish Maritime Days exhibition in Copenhagen.

The interactive programme ensures that that there is something for everyone happening at all times with three distinct types of event spaces created to facilitate the exploration of ideas, formation of partnerships and the creation of commercial opportunities.

THE MAIN OCEAN STAGE: This is where leading individuals can help shape the ocean space discussion. The main stage is where keynote speakers and panellists will discuss and note the developing trends in the sustainable economic evolution of the ocean space. High level speaker sand panellists, leaders in their field will offer key insights in governance, collaboration and the changing ocean landscape.
Programme: Day 1 & Day 2

OCEAN EXPLORATION ISLANDS: these dedicated exploration spaces will each focus on one key area of ocean opportunity. At these information stations, mini event theatres will hold deep dives in to the specifics of the opportunities and solutions for acceleration.

NORDIC THINK TANK: this glass enclosed ‘tank’ will host discussions focused on Nordic collaboration and cooperation in ocean opportunity. These sessions will be a dialogue for change between participants with audience and speakers of equal importance to forming solutions.
Programme: Nordic Think Tank

With multiple sessions going on at a time, set alongside relaxed networking zones there is something for everyone at all times.

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